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Who we are

7Seconds is a Moscow-based fintech company, established in 2016 that revolutionizes online POS finance.

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  • Our solution

    7Seconds marketplace platform makes online POS finance fast, easy and transparent. The platform is integrated with major retailers in Russia and is linked to multiple banks and micro lenders. It has its own advanced anti-fraud system and scoring algorithms.

  • Our goal

    is to foster online POS finance not only in Russia but globally.

  • Our mission

    is to allow customers purchase goods fast and on the best terms. The platform boosts customer conversion rate and loyalty for the retailers, while the lenders increase volume of POS loans at low risks.

How it works

7Seconds makes it possible for shoppers to split the payment into monthly instalments with a low or zero interest rate while the merchants get paid instantly.

how it works


After adding items to the shopping basket and selecting 7Seconds as the payment option, the customers fill out a short form where they can apply for an instalments’ plan or a loan without leaving the website or the store.


In just minutes the customers see online replies from our partner micro lenders and banks. The first offer would appear as the customer fills in only 6 application fields! The shoppers would choose the best offer and then sign electronically


Once the contract is signed, the store is informed and is free to dispatch the goods to the customer. The full amount of the purchase is then transferred to the merchant and any future interaction with the customer regarding the payments is left with the lending organization.


The integration with our platform is easy and requires just a couple of days and what is important we provide constant technical support all the way.

Our partners

The leading banks and micro lenders work with us. The largest retailers choose our solution.

Our values

  • Innovation

    At 7Seconds, we believe that innovation never ends. We constantly improve the quality of our service and engineer new solutions.

  • Care

    Our innovative fintech service increases competition among lenders which makes loans cheaper thus raising population purchasing power and improving its living standards.

  • Honesty

    Everything we do is transparent, there are no hidden fees in our services nor in our partners’ loan offers.

  • Responsibility

    We take full responsibility for everything we do and for all the partners interactions on our platform.

If you share our values and want to beat the competition using our technologies, let’s get started.

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Our dedicated sales team is ready to answer all your questions and start your integration right away. Give us a call or write us a letter or fill in the form and we will contact you.

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Our team

7Seconds’ friendly team is ready to answer your questions and start integration right away.

Alexey Chalenko Alexey Chalenko
Alexey Chalenko
CEO and Managing Partner
Arkady Bondarev Arkady Bondarev
Arkady Bondarev
Managing Partner
Alexander Kizilov Alexander Kizilov
Alexander Kizilov
Chief Operating Officer
Alexander Zakharov Alexander Zakharov
Alexander Zakharov
Commercial Director
Maria Solovey Maria Solovey
Maria Solovey
Chief Financial Officer
Elizaveta Paschenko Elizaveta Paschenko
Elizaveta Paschenko
Marketing Executive
Sergey Klimov Sergey Klimov
Sergey Klimov
Enterprise Architect
Dmitry Liubashin Dmitry Liubashin
Dmitry Lyubashin
Key Partners Director
Alexander Shubin Alexander Shubin
Alexander Shubin
Account Manager
Vitaly Antipov Vitaly Antipov
Vitaly Antipov
Head of Legal Department
Sergey Rybakov Sergey Rybakov
Sergey Rybakov
Head of Courier Service
Antonina Trepacheva
Antonina Trepacheva
Ilya Iliuschenko Ilya Iliuschenko
Ilya Iliuschenko
Software Developer
Andrey Olenin Andrey Olenin
Andrey Olenin
Lead Developer
Elena Valeeva Elena Valeeva
Elena Valeeva
Software Developer
Alexey Kiselev Alexey Kiselev
Alexey Kiselev
QA Head